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Margo is a recognized Professor of advertising and a Kauffman Faculty Scholar at Florida International University. She is a national and international award-winning copywriter/creative director who the founded Global Impact, a boutique advertising agency. She developed campaigns for clients such as Alamo Rent a Car, American Express and Banana Boat Skin Care Products. As a recognized corporate trainer and keynote speaker, Margo’s dynamic programs include:


•  Creative Thinking: How to Change Your Brain

•  Mental Peanut Butter®

•  Innovation: Fuel the Future

•  The Strategy Behind Brand Messaging


Her first book, Street-Smart Advertising: How to With the Battle of the Buzz (2010, 2nd ed.), is an overview of advertising from strategy and concept to copywriting and design.


Her second book, The Brains Behind Great Ad Campaigns (2009), with Robyn Blakeman, explores the creative collaboration between copywriters and art directors.


Her third advertising book, The Copywriter’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Copy (2012), examines all aspects of copywriting for every medium.


Margo’s fourth book, The Blueprint for Strategic Advertising Copy: How Critical Thinking Builds Successful Campaigns (2016), explains the different strategic components including concept, verbal, visual, interactive and global messaging.


Her self-help book, MetaMind Yoga: Amazing Journey to a Joyful Life (2013), with Richard Israel, portable as an e-book, guides readers through an inner search for peace through retrospection and Mental Asanas (exercises). You can read more at

She invented the tactikPAK™ series, a patented system of digital learning. Each interactive module invites readers to learn new business skills. Every tactikPAK™ offers a portable, crash course in short, easy-to-digest bites. There are ten ebooks and two apps*.

•  Advertising*

•  Ad Strategy

•  Copywriting*

•  Creativity

•  Design

•  Presentation

•  Promotion

•  Public Relations

•  Resume

•  Writing

All of her fourteen books are available globally including Asia, Europe, South Africa, India, Canada and Australia (Margo Berman books on Amazon).


Her two 6-CD award-winning webinar sets, Street-Smart Advertising and More Street-Smart Advertising won a national AWC Clarion Award for Educational Reference. Her website won a national AWC Clarion Award: As an award-winning educator, Margo creates usable materials that enable learning. She is writing another advertising book, which focuses on campaign strategies.

Check here for the series: She is a developer of instantly applicable techniques for advertising, marketing and business professionals. Her innovative approach also serves as a reference for industry professionals. To find out more about her stimulating work click on the links and search for apps under Margo Berman.


Welcome to her World of Thought!

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