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tactikPAK™...What is it?

An engaging digital tutor, tactikPAK™ is a perfect study-buddy. This patented series (Patent Serial No. 08/002,155) offers bite-size summaries of nine related topics. As chapters cover key principles, word acronyms prompt quick retention. Whimsical, color illustrations make learning fun and interactive quizzes allow you to gauge your comprehension.


It’s a portable crash course. A fun, interactive learning system. Take your digital tutor with you. On your smartphone or tablet. Choose your mobile mentor: ebook or app.


Quickly master each subject with a few key principles. Each main point relates to a specific strategy in the form of an acronym. Each letter in the acronym explains that principle in more detail.

Advertising tactikPAK

Copywriting tactikPAK


Ad Strategy tactikPAK

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The Blueprint for Strategic Advertising-
The Blueprint for Strategic Advertising: How Critical Thinking Builds Successful Campaigns


The step-by-step approach takes a comprehensive and exclusive look into the strategic

use of visual, verbal, social media, integrated, and global strategies of advertising communication. Berman’s deconstructive process analyzes one aspect at a time, creating

an invaluable research tool, which students, professors, small business owners and entrepreneurs will refer to, time and again.


As a handy reference tool, it illustrates how strategy is integrated into visual and verbal ideation.

Berman’s compact, content-rich guide offers chapters detailing social media, user-centered interactive advertising and presentation strategy, closing with the creation of a “blueprint”

to strategizing globally. Features include a handy reference guide to powerful strategizing,

an exploration of strategies for myriad media and messaging vehicles and an examination

of the strategic implementation of the visual and verbal union.

This guide will be useful to students in advertising, marketing, and business courses,

as well as advertising professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Copywriter's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising Copy


Written from a real-world perspective by an award-winning copywriter/producer/director, this comprehensive guide is what every writer needs to create powerful, strategic ad copy. Focusing on strategy, technique and the skills needed to write for different media, The Copywriter’s Toolkit book will sharpen your copywriting skills whatever your level.


Introduces essential conceptual strategies and key writing techniques for result-driven copy.


Provides practical advice on writing for specific media including: print, radio, TV, websites, blogs, social media, ambient, digital, direct mail, product packaging and viral marketing.


Covers all areas of copy development: on-strategy and on-target messaging; headline and slogan creation; brand personality and tone of voice; broadcast production conceptualization and print / digital typesetting consideration


Presents innovative visual examples from exciting multimedia campaigns, comments from copywriters at world-renowned agencies, inspiring radio scripts, TV scripts and storyboards, effective blog posts, imaginative package copy and more.


Shares invaluable writing tips and insights from award-winning copywriters currently at global agencies.


Includes supplementary website an instructor’s manual, sample syllabus, PowerPoint presentations and creative assignments, as well as student study aids, flashcards, podcasts and/or webinars by the author, links to sample and featured campaigns, agencies and related videos.



The Brains Behind Great Ad Campaigns


Catch an inside look at the advertising creative process. Discover how teams collaborate to create unforgettable promotions like the Budweiser “Clydesdale,” PEDIGREE® “Adoption Drive” or UPS “Whiteboard” campaigns.


See how creative briefs drive on-strategy solutions in all mediafrom traditional to ambient. Enjoy candid interviews and exciting, visual examples. Each chapter offers step-by-step instruction of the creative process, from brainstorming techniques to strategic messaging.



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Street-Smart Advertising


Discover a plethora of examples and strategic solutions designed to jump-start the right side of the brain.


Street-Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz is packed with innovative uses of new media, exciting on-strategy marketing, creative online work, insightful quotes by giants in the advertising industry and exercises to strengthen creative thinking. 


Anyone looking to develop traffic-stopping promotions, from entrepreneurs and advertising professionals to seasoned marketers and new business owners, can use this book for strategic promotional campaigns, unusual visual treatments, imaginative media ideas, powerful writing techniques, international uses of color and more.


If you're trying to break through the gridlock of today's heavily trafficked media outlets, get in the fast lane for Street-Smart Advertising. So you can pass your competition…to win the battle of the buzz.



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