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Creative Training


Creative Problem Solving!


Look at solutions in a new way. Use the SCAMPER principle as a problem-solving shortcut. Find out how the hot dog bun and ice cream cone were invented. How rubber bands and potato chips were discovered. How cellular phones and faxes were created through easy-to-learn creative methods. Whatever the problem, you’ll see how to find answers in minutes through substitution, alteration, elimination, rearrangement and other effective techniques. The one tool you need in today’s changing corporate environment.



Innovation: Fuel for the Future - You'll learn how to stretch time with Margo's Time Compression method. You'll discover how to use “future think” with her Fly Over technique. Plus, you'll be able to extend any deadline for a few days without complaints with her Deadline Extender trick. In addition, you'll see out how to:

• Improve innovative thinking

• Shift paradigms and change your results

• Use Time Compression to get more done in a day

• Allow yourself to unleash your imagination



Street-Smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz - Learn what kind of campaigns get everybody talking. Find out how to create a buzz with word-of-mouth and viral marketing. Discover what kinds of creative ideas attract press attention. Uncover the ins and outs of targeting your target with observational research. Unravel the mystery of relationship marketing driven by consumer needs. After this session, you'll have the inside track on creating Street-Smart Advertising so you too can win the Battle of the Buzz.


Powerful PR

Now you’ll know how to turn press opportunities into platforms to get your message out. Learn to be press savvy and convey your points clearly and convincingly.

In this interactive seminar, you’ll discover how to:

Handle the press

Respond to difficult questions

Turn an ordinary story into a newsworthy one develop strong media relations

Master print & broadcast interviews


You’ll leave prepared to tackle the press and armed with top tips for getting press coverage.



The Bug to Catch -  Viral marketing is a highly infectious kind of marketing. Everyone wants to know why this is spreading so fast and why they want to get bit. In this fast-paced session Margo will cover these ten main questions, and more.


1.  What is viral marketing?

2.  What makes a campaign "cool"?

3.  How do you make a campaign interactive?

4.  Why is the consumer driving the message?

5.  How do you engage the audience?

6.  How do you use media intersection with impact?

7.  What is the purpose of observational research?

8.  How do you catch "the bug" at any age?

9.  Why won't a flu shot help?

10. How do you spread the "virus"?


Be sure you come ready to have some fun and prepared to catch the bug!


How to Create Great Ads in Breakneck Speed - Imagine having an entire library of layouts at your fingertips! No more searching for a creative format. No more looking for a strong graphic solution. Now you can create, at a moment’s notice, a powerful ad. At this interactive workshop, you’ll discover what works and why. You’ll be able to apply effective design tips instantly. And, you’ll create visuals with pizzazz, in no time flat!


Mental Peanut Butter®

Now you can develop branding that sticks to the roof of your brain™. Learn how to create sticky slogans and unforgettable positioning from concept to corporate identities. Gain insight into strategic marketing and niche positioning. Immediately apply creative skill-building techniques for effective problem solving in brand identification. Acquire a fresh perspective into packaging your company with a distinguishable brand image to establish a unique identity, increase public awareness stimulate sales.


How to Write Killer Copy

In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to give your ads real stopping power. These professional writing tips will: Make your message persuasive. Pack your copy with punch. Drive the reader to take action. You’ll master the “ABA format” for greater impact. Improve flow with parallel construction. And write tighter copy in no time. Best of all, you’ll transform terrific ideas into powerful promotions!


Writing With Impact!

Now you can write compelling letters, dynamic memos and powerful proposals, in addition to persuasive print ads. Learn the six organizing methods - Chronological, Classification, Spacial, Comparative, Problem-Solution and Cause/Effect - and when to use each one for maximum impact. After this session, you will use connectors, passive or active tense and parallel construction with complete mastery.


Soaring, Not Just Flying.

After participating in this motivating and energizing program, you won’t be satisfied with the status quo. Instead, you’ll learn to go beyond your comfort zone. Just by applying a few simple steps, you’ll stretch your personal boundaries so you can accomplish your goals with less effort.


You’ll immediately be able to implement these and other action-oriented techniques:

Do something you’ve never done before

Meet challenges head on

Turn obstacles into assets

Think “anything’s possible”

Act like the person you wish to become

Be daring



tactikPAK™ - Patented Learning System (U.S. Patent No. 5,927,987)This exciting new technique is offered in nine business disciplines. Like Cliff Notes® for adults, this material is readily retainable. In fact, it sticks to the roof of your brain! Because it’s random, sequential and modular, it can be applied in any order. It’s so flexible, it can easily be integrated into other programs for exponential learning.

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